Apparel and Garments Business in India: Things To Know

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Published: 13th January 2011
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A number of local cultures exist in India that adds to the plethora of clothing styles. This provides a great opportunity for apparel manufacturers to make big profits. Besides, the Indian apparel and garment manufacturers are known for blending traditional designs with western modern styles. This creates amazing opportunities for the garment exporters to take their business to a global level.

The demand for the Indian apparels and garments is rising in the foreign markets. The apparel importers from different countries look forward to the new collection from the Indian manufacturers and exporters. All these facts indicate that starting apparel and garments business in India has great probability to acquire success at a fast rate.

The Indian garments industry is the 6th largest among the global garments exporters. There are many advantages that help the industry to keep on growing. Some of them include:

* Availability of different types of fabrics in huge amounts

* Availability of cheap and skilled labor

* Small scale industries involved in the apparel and garments business

* Rising demand of the Indian apparels in the countries like the USA and the European Union countries.

Apart from rise in export of the Indian apparels and garments, there has been increase in consumption in the domestic market as well. This is because of the rise in income of the people and improvement in their living standards. Considering all these aspects, one can think of making it big with apparel and garment business in the country.

There are a number of options that one can explore to be a part of the country’s garment industry. For instance, you can set up a small scale garment manufacturing unit. While doing so, you must consider the factors like availability of raw material, labor and electricity at the location you choose.

The garment exporters from India are among the major profit makers of the industry. You can tie up with a garment manufacturer and export the goods to different markets located in the foreign countries. You can find apparel importers from other countries using the online business directories.

You may choose to open a store that sells apparels and garments for different age groups. Children apparels are among the bestselling products in the Indian market. Apart from obtaining the supply of apparels and garments from the domestic manufacturers, you may also sell clothes of foreign popular brands.

While opening an apparel store, you must consider few important things. First of all, you must conduct a survey to learn about the target audience in the area. Going further, you must also research about the interests and preferences of the people in choosing different designs and styles of clothes. You must also learn about the existing competition in the market.

An important part of apparel and garments business is advertising and promotion. Apart from following traditional ways, you must give more preference to the online promotion by creating a website and listing your business in business directories. By regularly updating the variety of apparels and garments, you can win the trust of your customers so that they keep on repeating their visits.

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