Menthol Oil: The Significance and Uses

Published: 22nd September 2010
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Menthol is a substance which occurs naturally in pepper mint plants and menthol oil refers to a herbal elixir extracted out of the same plant. Menthol oilís botanical name is ĎMentha Piperitaí which is basically extracted through the steam distillation process. The oil is characterized with a strong, but sweet fragrance of peppermint. Given the strong minty aroma that it carries, it is most often used for therapeutic purposes.

Menthol oil industry is booming these days, since it is popularly used in personal care products like lip balms, moisturizers, astringents, bath products etc. Menthol oil manufacturers basically target the personal care and cosmetics industry for their business. The pharmaceutical companies too, seek menthol oil in pure form as an essential ingredient to use in skin care as well as dental care products. Thus, pharmaceutical companies also happen to be a major target for menthol oil suppliers.

The multiple uses of menthol oil make it a desired commodity in the day to day life as well. Incidentally, stimulation of skinís cold receptors is the single most significant characteristic of menthol oil which makes it such a useful item. It renders an extremely cooling sensation each time it is inhaled or applied to the skin. Though it is not that it changes the temperature of the skin, but it actually produces only a Ďsensationí of temperature change on he skin. Menthol oilís soothing and refreshing tendency helps a great deal in getting rid of nausea, especially during pregnancy. The morning sickness during pregnancy can be treated well with menthol oil, though the usage should only be done under the guidance of a qualified physician. Apart from this, menthol oil can be put to different uses. Some of them are as under:

Treating Stress

menthol oil is amazingly effective in treating stress. The basic refreshing nature of this oil helps in relieving depression, anxiety and mental exhaustion to a great deal. Just a light massage with menthol oil on forehead can be effective enough to get rid

of restlessness.

Dental Care

Given the extremely refreshing fragrance that menthol oil has, it helps treating bad breath and thus is extensively used in the manufacturing of mouth washes. Apart from this, menthol oil is also known to protect gums against germs and hence is extensively used toothpastes or other oral care products.

Treating Respiratory Issues

A congested respiratory tract can be rendered clear using menthol oil. The trick is to put a few drops of oil into a mug full of boiling water and inhale its steam to clear the nasal congestion and accumulated cough and cold. Sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma are also treated using menthol oil. Most of the cold rub ons consist of menthol oil which instantly clears the congestion, though it is not a permanent treatment for respiratory problems.

Skin and Hair care

Menthol oilís cooling effect makes it a useful ingredient in various skin and hair care products. Sunburns, dull skin and skin irritation are the few issues which can be addressed with menthol oil, besides, head dandruff and lice can also be treated well with it.

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