Significance of Import Export Trade Leads In India

Published: 21st March 2011
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India was basically considered an agro based economy where imports exceeded exports. Indian imports consisted of heavy machineries, gold and silver, electrical products and so forth. There has been an imbalance in the export and import business in the country. The growth of globalisation paved way for better trade relations between countries. The advent and use of online business directories have further accentuated the prospects of trade in the country.

The Growth of Business Directories and Trade Leads

The b2b directories in India have proved to be excellent platforms for obtaining import export trade leads for various business entrepreneurs. Being a country which includes a huge number of SME sectors, obtaining global recognition was simply impossible without the use of business directories. But with the growing usage and emergence of various online portals, the Small and Medium Enterprises have obtained the required exposure in the global markets.

Better Exposure through B2B Directories

Today there are a number of business portals which show case different products and services manufactured by the SME sectors. This has led to the consequent growth of the Indian small scale industries. Through the b2b directories, the small and medium enterprises obtain necessary import export trade leads to accelerate the growth of business.

Buyers and sellers of different countries amalgamate on a single platform more commonly known as online business portals. Such portals pave way for import export trade leads which are basically enquires posted by buyers from different countries. These leads help to improve business as it gives better exposure and opportunity.

The growth of online business directories have led to the subsequent growth of export and import business in India. The import export trade leads have proved to be advantageous as it is one of the most economical advertising processes. There are a number of online business portals that provide free opportunities to post trade leads. This has proved to be a tremendous opportunity to the small scale industries to gain maximum exposure in the international markets. The Indian handicraft sectors and various cottage industries have gained global exposure with the help of online business portals.

The liberalisation policies introduced in the country has led to tremendous changes in the import and export business. The Indian exports have been experiencing a massive growth but so is the import sector.

Today the Indian economy is in need of machineries and crude oil as it is on the verge of becoming a developed economy. With such a vast amount of resources, the country requires proper ways to gain global recognition which is made possible with the help of online business portals and import export trade leads.

There are in fact many ways to obtain authentic business leads and some of the most effective methods include trade events, blogging and use of social networking sites. Through effective import export trade leads, both domestic and foreign trade can be elevated to new heights. With companies and businesses from all over the world, it is easy to obtain business leads and thereby economic development.

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