The Different Types of Exquisite Indian Sarees

Published: 29th March 2011
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Sarees have known to have captured the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Indian sarees are considered the epitomes of cultural and regional diversities of the country. Its popularity is so far and wide that even the western women are fascinated by this six meter yard cloth which is draped around the body. Most of the people believe that it is this unique cloth which accentuates the beauty of Indian women.

Indian sarees are simple yet gorgeous and are available in a mesmerising variety. Each different state and region has a variety of sarees to offer the world. Little wonder that sarees from India have taken the international markets by a storm. Even though sarees are worn by people of other countries such as Bangladesh and Srilanka, the sarees of India are quite exceptional. With the growing popularity of Indian sarees, trade in the domestic as well as international markets have skyrocketed.

Famous Varieties of Indian Sarees

Ranging from Kashmir to Kerala, the indian sarees are different in designs, texture, fabric and style of draping. Each state has its unique way of representing its cultural values which are inculcated through different dress patterns. Some of the most distinctive patterned sarees can be obtained from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and so forth.

Banaras sarees: The list of traditional Indian sarees is incomplete without the inclusion of the exquisite Banarasi sarees. Popularly worn by most of the Indian brides, these sarees are woven with intricate patterns and beautiful Mogul designs. The signature style of Banarasi sarees includes a narrow pattern along the outer or inner edge of the border. These patterns are known as jhallr which appear like upright leaves. Known to be quite expensive, the Banarasi sarees are woven in pure golden threads and weavers require weeks to complete a single piece of work.

Kota Doria sarees: One of the most exquisite Indian sarees woven in pure light weight cotton. These Rajasthani sarees are popular for its unique fabric which is both beautiful and transparent. Mostly suitable for summers, these cotton sarees are attractive and elegant.

Kanjevaram sarees: The most famous South Indian sarees are none other than the Kanjevaram silk sarees. These exquisite silk sarees are woven with silver threads dipped in pure gold. Known to be durable and expensive, these sarees are popular all over the world. One of the most distinguishing features of the Kanjevaram sarees includes its thick silk base. Peacock and parrot motifs are some of the most common patterns found on these sarees.

Konrad sarees: Originally woven from Tamil Nadu, these Indian sarees are also known as temple sarees. The Konrad sarees were traditionally woven for the temple deities. Though it is now one of the most popular bridal wear sarees available in different bright shades and patterns, it was earlier available in shades of brown, white and grey.

Sarees from India are available in an assorted variety and therefore there are a number of Indian sarees manufacturers listed in the online portals.

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